“...I have power all over me/Cause I march to the beat of my own drum/bout to blow up like my name is Bubble Yum!”

—  Samira Gibson

April 2, 2018

After working really hard on several other directions in my life, I come full circle. It feels good to be back, MPowerMint.net! I know you are probably confused about the title. Well, it wouldn’t be my work if I didn’t twist the title. Let’s get in to it!

A statement can solidify the perception. You should know that perception is everything! (Check out “Preception”)When a thought is adamantly made, the power is sensed on all le...

April 25, 2016



Money will have you steal, kill, lie, and degrade in order to get it. So being that money is no more than an idea as is the concept of shoes. Then it would seem that we would allow such a hold on us. You see just like the shoe, money is better had than lacking.











In many communities throughout the world, money is only essential where people without the understanding that money is an object and not a basic need. Now, I...

April 18, 2016



Well, I’ve since answered that very question for myself. " Am I a Serial Learner? ' The answer is no. Before I tell you why I’m not, allow me tell you what the term Serial Learner means. This is the person who loves to learn. I mean they’ve been to college, they have certification, they go to seminars, self help books out the wazoo ect. You know who I’m talking about. That one person at the party or the BBQ that knows everyt...

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