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Are you a Facebook philosopher, a Twitter quoter, an Instagram artist or are you just someone that has a way with words? Well, why not give blogging a shot? MPowerMint is accepting articles, interviews, inspirational peices, whatever you've put in to words! Submit the contact form below, using the subject line "I write". Attached an example of your work, it's that simple! If your work is selected then your name an bio will appear on this page. Submitt as much as you want. We are here to MPower you!

Nikki Siixx

Haley Hoffman Smith is a 19 year old social activism entrepreneur. At the age of 18, she launched her nonprofit, Lit Without Limits (, which donates empowering literature to girls in mentoring groups along with an accompanying curriculum that she writes. She is passionate about women's rights, literature, and writing as ways to bond communities. (est. 2008) I have all love for all music but on my site we support Underground Hip-Hop. Covering local artists from all over the world. Little did you know all the musical talent pouring out our cities. This is what I can do to help the Movement. Our post contains New Music with audio player, Music Videos with video and description, written and recorded interviews, reviews on projects, upcoming events, recap events or internet shows, and the list goes on and on. And anything else that sparks our interest, from movies, television, and videogames.  NikkiSiixx has officially launched into becoming my own business in 2015 entitled NikkiSiixx Entertainment Consulting, LLC! We’re here to guide the underground when they need it.

Why Fanatiqueof? Well I wanted to create a platform where I can share my passion for things like fashion, food, wine, decor, family, savings, DIY’s, hair…just everything. If you are a new follower, I personally welcome you and I promise I will not let you down. If you are the curious type not sure what this crazy Blog is about? I understand. I suggest you take the time to read some of the posts and perhaps come back again before you commit to following. I will not get offended. This is a place to have fun and share ideas.

Taijana Francis


I am also a Youtuber & Blogger (see ) I use my YouTube channel and blog to share my music and to get involved in the world of pop-culture through concert reviews, live concert footage, rants, discussions, vlogs from my personal life and artistic or promotional pieces.

Next I am a Socialite I’ve immersed myself in the world of events, promotions & concert booking in the hopes that one day I will be able to use the knowledge and experience that I am gaining to turn my social life into a profitable past time. 

Last but not least I am a fashionista. My personal style like my music is one of a kind. My look spells… simplified glamour with an edgy twist? 

Cassy P

Blacklightblog is  a website  that caters to the creative movement.

We feature celebrity interviews, nightlife events, in depth documentaries, entrepreneurs, upcoming artists, and  REAL TALK discussion! Don't Miss It!


"All Things Creative"

Hi there!

I’m Karen Farber. I am a fashion enthusiast and beach lover currently studying Fashion Merchandising. As you can probably tell I love fashion…clothes, shoes, accessories! I can’t get enough of them! So I decided to create this blog to document this love of mine and share it with the world!

Her transparency and approachability are evident in her approach whether she is speaking to an auditorium of high school students, blogging about her journey to a healthy self-image or sharing her story of triumph in her book. Terri’s ability to maintain professionalism and still meet the youth where they are, gives her an edge that allows students to respect her and confide in her. Her interactive approach is not only motivational, but transformational.


Terri is a nationally recognized blogger, speaker and author dedicated to empowering youth to overcome adversity. Over the past 7 years Terri’s speeches and workshops have inspired students to:

-Pursue their goals despite overwhelming odds

-Practice healthy habits that promote a positive self-image

-Find their purpose and create an action plan for success

-Find purpose in their pain

 Karen Farber

Hi everyone my name is Brooke and i am a freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur, radio personal, and youtuber from Philadelphia. Over the past months, i have been given the oppurtunity to work with some amazing magazines in LA, New York, Canada, and even in my hometown philly.  Some of the things that i write about include natural hair, lifestyle, advice, beauty, and different interviews with people that are aspiring to do bigger and better things. I have two blogs that i started about a 1 year and a half ago that are amazing and i could not be any prouder. My first one i started in February of last year on a whim, and the second one i started because i wanted to expand my horizon and collab with other writers.

Donna H aka MofoHari is American born, emigrating to the UK at 19, returning to the US in 2009. While in the UK she studied under some highly experienced mentors through "Access To Music for Performing Artists, Advanced" at Blackburn College, achieving distinctions and gaining valuable knowledge/practical experience relating to music business, performance skills, music video production, lyric writing, voice training and much more.


I was born May 17, 1993 (21 years old). I am originally from Manhattan, NY but my heart belongs to California. I am currently "studying" Fashion Design in Buffalo, NY. I have been blogging for almost a year now and my goal is to create a dialog about the obstacles and experiences we go through as women. I am no doubt a dreamer and a lover. I love tea and Beyonce.

     My name is Cheralou Rae Miguel and I am the owner/writer of An Accoutré blog (founded in January 2015). I am seventeen years old and I am a Dublin City based Blogger who blogs about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My blog's aim is to inspire others especially for those who are aspiring bloggers or wish to work in the fashion industry later on in the future. I promote brands to share my love for their products by writing honest, opinionated, warm-hearted reviews.

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