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From the extensive, in depth extractions of information for interviews with young up and coming artist, to the likes of the infamous Lady Luck, all the way to the prestiged such as Rah Digga. Adding her signature to great publications and blogs (InkandHipHop Mag, Onairwithsir, Lyricallyfit), LSpencer delivers a clever and intriguing written perspective in reference to the lives of people, places and things that relate to the culture of now; as well as its evolution.


 From R to L 

 Pepper, Queen Latifah, Ms.Jade 

.“Writers are no different than artist, we believe in what we write about. Picture painted, song recorded….”-LSpencer


 On Record 


Within the word is power and with this power comes great responsibility. Writers are Teachers and Readers are Leaders. This is what LSpencer stands for.

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