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Rah Digga “First name Rashia” The Legend continues….

Rah Digga “First name Rashia” The Legend continues….

When you think of Rah Digga, most likely you’re not thinking sex symbol. Mainly because that was not what she put first when she broke down her sixteen bars for you. It has become somewhat of a staple in the industry for a woman to portray a certain type of sex kitten when carving their piece of Hip Hop. Rah Digga had some very insightful information for females trying to make their claim in this game. She had some choice words for the twerkers and the woman modifying their image to meet the needs of pop culture…

“There is no individuality any more. Everything sounds the same. It’s produced by one person. It went from Hip Hop informing the youth and being a positive influence in a young person’s life to being the one to influence them to do bad. I never thought I see the day when I didn’t want my kid to listen to rap music. I never had to play the clean version. She needs to hear the good the bad and the ugly. Today it’s just like “there no moral story in that”, it’s just “Hey, I’m rich. You want to be rich like me? You better rap, you better strip…” Nobody is going to say “You know Jon Forte just did a lot of years behind an opium related charge?” _Rah Digga

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