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Rah Digga’s “First name Rashia” Legacy

Rah Digga’s “First name Rashia” Legacy

The Dirty Harriett of the game wants you all to know that her legacy is alive and well. Now a days it’s not about the ‘Party and Bullsh!t” It’s about our community and adding balance to the this strange turn of events in Hip Hop. I took Rah Digga back to when it all started. The questions asked have a lot to do with where she’s been and how she got to the point where she is now. Her parents were Black Panthers and instilled crucial life lessons into her life. She was brought up knowing that education was the key. She is so into Hip Hop being what it was intended to be; an escaped and a teacher, that she has made it her soul mission to add some balance to this ever ratchet influence on out youth.

All through high school, I actually went to boarding school for high school. Even all through that I just kept telling myself I was going to put out a record. I’ve been telling people since elementary I’m going to make an album when I grow up. I didn’t even realize that I could have an actual rap career. I was very much into school. I actually wanted to be a rocket scientist when I grew up. It was understood that I was going to school and my parents thought I was going to be this scientist. They paid all this money for private schools and collage, but I still knew I was going to make a record. I think that it wasn’t until my second year of college; that I finally just had to…you know, that was my moment of clarity. I need to start making my record. I left collage my second year and everything else is history. _Rah Digga

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