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I Can't Breath! You must have Ass ma?

Editor Note: This piece was inspired by the release of Nicki Manaj’s Anaconda cover. It is an opinionated write up and an insightful look on the marketing strategy’s played out in the music industry.

Hip Hop Her-ray Ho, Hey hoe! The title of this piece is called “When a bad bitch feels threatened she shows her ass”. Everyone knows that’ I can’t be touched ‘female. Perhaps she refers to herself as a “Bad Bitch”. Maybe it’s true and a well deserved a title. But when she steps in to a room of confident women, she will show her ass every time. She becomes the one starting all the fights, talking trash, whispering insults, gets drunk goes on a raged filled tangent. Ugh! If you don’t know anyone like this, then it’s you. To the point, this is the very reason I believe Nicki has shown her ass, per say.

Inspired by the release of Remy Martin, the 0-100 freestyle by Lil Mama, and the announcement made about a Missy Album. All this rolled out right after the unexpected cover release for Nicki Minaj’s single Anaconda. Women and Men alike across the world, jaw dropped in either in shock, lust, disgust, admiration or disbelief. Then her PR had the nerve to try and spin that unforgettable image as a black women’s movement. Like it was some type of amendment to the constitution; all woman are created equal and we have the right to bare our asses just like everyone else. So let’s say she’s right but the amendment would be for money and then that opens up the game for prostitution.

Nicki we know if not for money you would not be caught publically like that. That ass is an investment and more than likely debt weighing heavily on your back. You know what's going on more than anyone else. You pay people to test the climate. Based on the present you’re going to have to really rap this time.

Remy is a gun ready to be pulled (no shade, no no shade). Missy is so rook in this game she gone slide right in nicely. Special shout out to Lil Mama, for reminding us that it’s an art to this. That 0-100 verse did something to the ears. I truly had to listen. Which warms the mental, in anticipation of a Remy verse. No matter what Nicki puts out, it’s going to have to be that work. No more foot up on the desk Ms. Monica Lewinsky, time to sharpen the sword.

Contributed by: L.Spencer

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