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How to get AHead!!!

“The journey to success is a path less traveled.

Many are called but few will answer and even fewer will be chosen.”

Journeys and or Paths to success tend to be different. There’s the long road, the high road, the low road, or in some cases you can hitch a ride to it. With this entry I want to help you to figure out your short-cut to success.

The only way to get out of the box is to “THINK” your way out of it. You must first “think” what no one else has thought in order to do what no one else has done in order to get what everyone else wants! The strong will survive but the innovative will prevail.

Now I know you’re probably saying to yourself what in the WORLD! Yea how about that; What in the WORLD! What are YOU in this world? Your whole intention for being here is to make an impression. No matter how small or how big. Have you ever “Thought” about what else is there? How about changing that to; “What else is HERE?” What do you have in you that hasn’t been expressed, shared or presented?

I asked that of myself at the top of the year. This is the result. I was inspired by an educational program I was watching. I started to think about how teachers are a major attribute to our society. Teachers are the trainers of the future. How can I contribute to that? I wanted to give back but I didn’t want to give up (money). So after doing research and thinking about how I could duplicate that; here you have it “Success Mindset”

So I’m challenging you to THINK. Thinking is a process. It takes as little as .3 seconds for a thought to develop. However thinking it through takes an infinite amount of time. Some people are still thinking through their projects. Do you think Oprah stops thinking about Harpo and her brand. No! She is constantly thinking it through that’s why she continues to prosper. Do you believe that Obama stop thinking after he came up with the slogan “Yes We Can”? No because he had to figure out ‘how we could”!

When thinking you should know that there are different ways to think;

Stimulation Thinking- Find things that get you creative juices flowing. Be it a compliment someone dropped on you or inspiration that you received from something you encountered. Use that energy to start the thinking process.

Conversations with GOOD Thinkers- These are people who challenge your thought process. People that out think you. Learn their process of elimination and apply it to your own methods of thinking.

Think about good things- Discipline yourself to take time out to just “think”. Focus on all the positive things that are happening. Take it further and ponder on the great things to come out of your actions today. Capture your good thoughts in writing and picture. Keep them close so that when you find yourself with nothing to think about you can go back over them. This will spawn Great things to think about!

Now of course you want to take action this is an essential key to success. But you can’t get motivated to take action unless you apply these 3 simple exercises per day. It takes very little effort and time. Most of you are doing this day to day any way you’re just not focusing your energy into the manifestation. You’re on what I like to call auto-pilot . Once you take control of your thoughts and make a conscious effort to apply them to your life as a formula of success; your will manifest any and everything you put your mind to.

"Think out-side the box. Make it a point to come out HEAD- FIRST!”

Contributed by: L.Spencer

Photo Donation:“Johnny Cash" Sketch via Zedge Wallpaper




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