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Feature Post by Cher Miguel

How to pull off Lingerie in public!

Today's topic is a little different. We are talking about how to pull off a pair of Lingerie in public! This is written specially for all the ladies reading my blog!

You're probably saying and laughing to yourselves that "haha no I would never wear one myself in public" (and if you're not and you've done it before, I applause you) but ladies, wearing a swimming suit or a bralette should show no difference at all.

I picked one of the quality pair of Lingerie sets to be featured in this post so you know what I mean by the 'sets' I'm talking about.

Here in Ireland, wearing a bralette outside is impossible unless you can battle the cold, wet irish weather. However wearing one with something to cover or protecting yourself from the cold could work. If you live in a warmer climate, consider yourself lucky to wear one without having to freeze to death! But remember! You can always wear these sets at home in bed or just for lounging around.


Cher Miguels Website: Anaccoutre

Blog Post Contributed by: Cher Miguel

Pictures donated: Anaccoutre




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