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Malibu Wines

Malubu Wines

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend & are full of positive energy to start off the week. To help keep you thinking happy thoughts, I’m sharing these photos from my weekend. On{March 1st}Sunday was International Women’s Day so a couple of girlfriends and I got together and went to Malibu Wines – the BEST winery ever!!

This place is seriously the

cutest! We drove down to Malibu Sunday morning, and decided to spend all day at Malibu Wines. None of us had ever been here, but my good friend Erika from Wander With Love had found the place on Pinterest and wanted to check it out.

We chose the grass area to get the full picnic experience and we couldn’t have picked better. We had so much fun relaxing, having a picnic and wine tasting, and what made the experience even better was the environment. The place was full of beautiful, lively people all having a great time. There were a few birthday parties and baby showers going on in private sections, and a live band played all day that had everyone dancing.

This is seriously a great place to have a girl’s day, go on a date, or celebrate an event. We are already planning on coming back in April to celebrate my birthday!

Thanks so much for reading!

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