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Plan to win; Play to win; Expect to win!

((((Flush)))) I heard through a pipe that jobs are on decline. I also have been told that there is no relief for it. Sounds like there’s a need of a different mindset!

Jobs were developed based off of innovative technology and the expansion of small business owners to corporations. Allow for me to show you where your job’s at, dude!

Success lies in the delivery of something unseen. You have to” develop”. Be that inventing or building up. If you can’t find a job, why not create them. Now is the time! There is a time for reaping and there is a time for sowing. This is the season to sow. Don’t start planting in the time of harvest, when the land is full. You plant seeds when the land is empty in full anticipation of rain. You don’t plant one seed or even one kind of seed. You plant several and several kinds. You want Multiple Streams of income. All successful people have their rods in different ponds.

This is where your mindset comes to play. You must use the techniques that I offered to you in past blog entries and those to follow. Your mind has to be clear on what you want to do (Purpose). You have to let go of uncertainties (F.E.A.R.) and social pressures (Get your hands out my pocket). If you don’t acquire the gumption or education, then make sure you get your mind right (Think Your Way Out of It).

So back to your J.O.B. the definition of that is Just Over Broke. No one gets rich by working a J.O.B alone. Some work more than one and the saying is the same. No one gets rich by working a J.O.B. People become rich by working a plan!

So dude where’s your plan? If you have never sat down and thought about this; of course I would encourage that you do so TODAY! If you have a plan and have marked it off your list as impossible; I encourage you do dust it off and revise it. TODAY! “Don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow.” Your Tomorrow starts today. However you finish out today will only set you up for the things you will do tomorrow. Develop an “I do it now” type of mindset.

Your JOB pays bills (in most cases it can’t even do that). So stop looking for a job and just start working. Work on yourself, work on your gift, and do what works! I promise you that nothing in this world manifest success like a self-starter!

Plan to make a difference. Plan to develop. Plan to create. “Plan to win; Play to win; Expect to win!”

Success is a Mindset

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