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Sistas on the Move


The idea of writing my thoughts in blog format on this particular subject has been haunting me for some time. Much tossing and turning at night, much "back burner-isms", and so many delays. Yet when an idea burns a hole thru the layers of your consciousness, it means it needs to come out! So, here I am...expressing!

First and foremost I believe that as sisters in music, or any art-form, or within business; those that walk together, encourage each other, work hard to help each other advance along their paths ARE stronger in giving & receiving, knowledgeable, wise, and more successful in LIFE!

So as I explore the many avenues and segments of "MPOWERMINT" I feel excited, inspired, hopeful and enthused! THIS is the kind of future I'd always dreamed of seeing. Sisters standing up and showing what we are really made of, and helping/encouraging others to shine, to be the best that they can be and take pride in the achievements of others we know to be working hard toward their goals and dreams.

As women we know following a passionate dream is not an easy road. We have many road blocks along the way. Yes, much more so than men! We are often mothers, wives, girlfriends, and head of households. So many other positions we play in our lifetime that demand our focus and place us in certain positions. In the business world and especially within the music industry we are caste in specific roles, where we are expected to act sexually or look a certain way just to get our foot in the door, to gain attention from those in higher positions.

Not anymore! We can and are proving to be strong, sexy, intelligent and diligent without exploitation, without neediness, without our goals being seen as less important in comparison to our male counterpart.

NO! I am not a militant "woman's libber", just a woman with passions and dreams who has had more than her own fair share of setbacks. So I know the drill. And it does my heart SO much good to see my sisters succeed when they work and strive relentless toward achievement of their dreams despite life's other demands. To see women maturing, growing and shining in their chosen path is a beautiful thing. We have so much bad press in most media. It is true we see so much hate among women, over competitiveness, jealousy, all the negative things that lead nowhere. We achieve nothing and it is entirely UNnecessary. Strength is in numbers, knowledge fuels knowledge, hope fuels hope, positivity begets positive outcomes.

So I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this movement of like minded women who share a forward thinking vision. If I can share any aspect of my own experience, awareness, knowledge or skills learned to help somebody else blossom it would be an honor. I'm here with an open mind, open heart and looking forward to a continued growth. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this! Let’s be great TOGETHER! Peace to my sisters.

Contributed by: MofoHari

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