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Featured: Blacklightblog

The N Word: mini documentary

This week's featured Blogger is Cassy P of Blacklightblog! In this mini documentary, Cassy researches the meaning behind the N word. Using excerts from CNN, The Tonight Show, MTV ect. She brings to light the explinations of celebraties such as Charles Barkley vs Shaq, Jay Z vs Oprah Winfrey. Commentary from Tupac and Nas provide an interesting point of view. Along with a witty defence of the use of the word, by Marc Lamont Hill. Cassy converses with the public to poll their opinion as well.

Questions are posed onto the public: What is a Nigger? What is the difference between Nigger and Nigga? is it in fact a term of endearment? Can white people use the term? With out 'question' answers varried.

We pose these same questions to you! Share this video and pose these questions to your social communites! Include us in the conversation FB: Cassy & La Spencer

Check out BlacklightBlog for more interesting documentaries & "All Things Creative"

Blog Contribute: Cassy P

Video Donated: Blacklightblog




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