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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

We can all agree that decisions are a main activity in this gift of life that we hold. What makes us the top species on the earth is our ability to make great survival choices.

What I want to bring to the forefront for you is the POWER of decision making. Do you know that everything that you decide on has a direct relation to what you are receiving out of life? Ever heard the saying “If you knew better; You’d do better’?

Make a decision to look and seek out the better you! One of my mentors Anthony Robbins says it the best “Success Leaves Clues!” If there is something that you aspire to do (this is a decision); you must look at the people that have done whatever you aspire to do. This is called due diligence. Due diligence turns into intelligence; Intelligence equal expertise. The only difference between you and an expert is the amount of knowledge they have on any given subject.

Decide to see it through. In order to get to the next step you have to …Take the next step. I’ll close with this story. I received this in an email and it inspired me to write this post:

A daughter and a father were traveling together. A dark cloud began to loom on the path in which they were traveling. The daughter said to the father “What should I do?” The father’s reply was “Keep going”. The daughter continued on. A storm had begun to form and the daughter saw that other cars began to pull over and stop. The daughter turned to her father and asked “What should I do?” The father replied “Keep going.” As the daughter kept driving her visibility was now hindered because the storm had become so intense. Even tracker trailers were pulling over. The daughter said to her father “I can’t see anything ahead of me or behind me! Should I keep going?” The father was silent. The daughter made a decision to keep going. After a short while of driving the road became clear. The clouds and darkness were gone and the sun was shining bright. The father said “Pull over and get out.” The daughter confused asked her father “Pull over? Get out? Why now?” The father said “Pull over, get out and take a look at all the people who gave up.”

Success is a Mindset!

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