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Too much is not always pretty :/

Too much is not always pretty :/

The things that we women go through to look good is a never ending trend. It seems that there is always a new product coming out every couple of months to target new or old consumers. Whether it’s makeup or clothing if it looks good, most of the time we are going to buy it even if it means breaking the bank to look flawless.

Yet there are some of us that take the image of beauty to the extreme. Though I may not be an expert on makeup or a makeup artist, I know for a fact that you should not have about 10lbs of makeup caked up on your face. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your features while still looking natural as possible. Meaning that you should not be coming out of the house looking like a clown or Ronald McDonald. I should not be able to see everything that you have on your face from all the way across the street. Also if you hug someone, and half your makeup comes off on their shirt then girl you wearing too much. Wearing too much does not always make you look good. It can sometimes make you look kind of scary and very unapproachable.

A little here and there definitely goes a long way when you are trying to pull off an effortless look. Plus makeup can be somewhat expensive depending on what brand you use. The more of it that you use, the less you are going to have. Yet for those who have no skills when it comes to this department, sometimes looking at a tutorial online or just looking in the mirror before you go out the house can be beneficial.

There are plenty of resources that you can use to help that include YouTube, Internet, having a friend who is good at makeup give you some lessons, or just go to a professional makeup artist just to take care of it all. Nobody likes looking like a cake face or at someone who has been sniffing something because you applied so much powder is not cute.

If you are trying to look cute to impress a guy then you definitely need to chill and step away from the brush. Typically from the male friends that I know, they really don’t have a problem with a female wearing makeup. Yet it becomes a problem when your face is a different complexion from the rest of your body or you look like a whole different person when you take it off. It’s almost like you catifishing them but not on purpose.

So ladies if this article relates to you, then maybe you need to reevaluate how you do your makeup. Remember nobody wants to see a clown 365 days a year.

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