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Say What You Mean!

The power of words. I think the greatest weapon against society is words. Words were first (and will soon find, still are) a declaration.


A formal statment or announcement.

  • synonyms:

announcement, statement, communication, pronouncement, proclamation, communiqué, edict, advisory

"they issued a declaration"

I’m all about thinking, ideas, and consciousness but nothing is manifest until it is said. People often "say what’s on their mind" and not what’s in their hearts. The music that moves us for the most part isn’t the one that makes us think. It is the music that makes us feel. Media has become a wiz at this practice. You are constantly fed a mixture of consumerism, racism, sex, and bad information. The media is doing very little from the heart. It’s all based on numbers, how much they make in terms of dollars and their projected profit. When you make that the number 1 priority, no matter what you do (business or otherwise) the heart cannot compete.

So, what am I saying? Make sure your heart is in the right place before you write or speak another word. To ensure that your heart is in the right place feed yourself positive words & images. "A picture is worth a 1000 words" so all those images on TV can add up. Especially, if you do not design your entertainment intake. You do realize you have the power to do that? With instrumental tools such as the internet, books, and mp3’s the power is yours. Words are the beginning and the end of anything that is.

I know that in my latest entry I encouraged you to do. If you read it then you probably are like most people getting started and believe that DOING is the hardest part. Well this entry is to serve as the first step to your staircase to success. Say that what you are planning to do. Say it to yourself. Say it to others. Say it often. This will indeed change your actions.

For example if you say "I’m going to be rich" over and over, to yourself and others. You will be giving yourself conscious the command. Yourself conscious will then find ways to make it happen. Fear will try and talk you out of it; however with the skills you learned in the Fear entry I previously wrote that will not be a factor. Circumstances or "Law of attraction" will lead and if you let it will bring you to the actualization of your statement. We do this on a daily bases anyway. The problem being we are saying the wrong things. "I’m broke", "I don’t have enough money" or "I’ll never…". This produces more of the same. Your subconscious gives you more situations that will allow these statements to be true. If you are wondering how to start off on the right foot with this new practice, try this mantra "Every Day in every way I am getting better!" Say this when things are going bad. Say this when things are going good & watch the progression of success manifest itself in your life.

Blog Contribution: LSpencer

Photo Donation: Zedge




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