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Humble Aspirations: Pursue Your Dreams Introducing Brianna Dorrough (Staff writer)

MPowerMint is pleased to introduce Ms. Brianna Dorrough! She is a young medical student out of Detroit with a passion for writing. Her brand Theeflylife has gained nationwide recognition through her various network & is looking to expand upon that here on MPowerMint. Get to know this talented woman! ~LSPENCER (Founder)

I’ve always wrote to express myself, whether it was expressing joy or releasing tension. I knew early on that words were my best asset. Progressing into adulthood I began to notice my writing take form, realizing writing is the reason I overcome so many adversities. Using writing to personally praise, motivate or simply speak life into my situation has elevated me to levels that I once wrote about.

As a city girl, I developed a passion for reviewing all the hottest topics: fashion, media, politics, education, religion and finances. I knew there was a way that I could positively impact the lives of others by not only sharing my opinions but the facts with my readers in my writing. So, here I am with all the hottest post, but no guts to ever shared them. I always wondered; How would I get my message across? Who would I appeal to? Would people like or appreciate my work? Doubts like those lead to my inactivity of living out my dream.

Until one day while cruising through my Instagram page I stumbled across a blog post that not only inspired me to aspire. It also helped me to understand that there is no perfect writer. Over the years, I’ve been so private with my writing. Afraid that my work would not be received the way that I intended on it to be. I am learning that everyone has their own perception. I am confident that my writing has purpose! I am starting my journey and living out my writing dreams. Sharing my gift of words, entertainment and laughter with the world one blog post at time!

I not only encourage you to pursue your dreams, I encourage you to Fly along with me as I pursue mine.

Follow Ms. Brianna Borrough on Instagram: @Theeflylife

Blog Contribution: Brianna Borrough

Photo Donation: Brianna Borrough (instagram)




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