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The Greater Fool

The greater fool is an economic term. However I am going to reference it in a literal sense. Simply put, a bid on what may seem to be caped, and push it to the point that someone else desires to push it further. I watched an episode from HBO’s News Room and a character on the show defined the term as such “…the perfect blend of self-delusion and Ego. It’s someone who thinks that they can succeed where others have failed”. You must go after the impossible to do the impossible.

The owner of Forman Mills (retail chain) stated in a speech that he gave for the graduating seniors at the Boys and Girls Club of Camden County “Stupid is Smart and Smart is Stupid” Think about that statement for a minute. “Stupid is Smart and Smart is Stupid”. If you’ve never heard that said another way, allow me to make it plain. You never want to be the smartest person; in the room, in a conversation, or within your circle. For doing so would only inhibit you. If you’re not learning then you aren’t progressing. You want to be around leverage and resources. This is the number one attribution when someone reaches success. How many times have we heard award recipients say “if it weren’t for…” so and so, and so and so? A team of people who put that person in front of someone or something that helped them to the next step in their success.

You must believe that you can do whatever that is that you want to do. You must be willing to except each gain and (presumed) loss the same. “For one if I lose, I’m beat that a$$. For two if I win, I’m beat that a$$!” (Bishop played by Tupac Shakur in the movie Juice) This is another great quote. This is the mindset of the Greater Fool. They buy long and sell short. This is a thought process that will allow you to go after your desires with the intent to lend your talents for a greater price. In order to do that you must continue to learn. Learn about your area of interest, learn new things and learn from gains/losses. This is the precise way in which others have gained their success.

I hope that this helps you to be more daring in you pursuit of ambitions. It’s okay to look like a fool when going after something you strongly desire. If a lot of presumed fools did not dare to be different we wouldn’t have all the progression we see today.

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