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All that we have and all that we are on this planet is temporary. This includes our "outer shells", our heritage, genetics, appearance, family, level of wealth. We are born or adapt into, the place of birth, the year of birth, and all of the surroundings. Even if it was all preordained or preplanned before we get here and not a lottery of chance as I believe, much of it is still very largely influenced by free will and basically how the winds of fortune blow. So I quietly sit back and observe the 'me and mine' and the 'us and them' mentality of the world. The frantic scrambling for 'something' whether it is recognition for the beauty of an outer shell, the growth of mental knowledge, power, money, striving for a bigger piece of pie, fighting for equality. Whether it be for race or sexual preference or gender, drug rights, human, animal, government, state or country, legal rights etc etc. The bottom line is this. When we leave this planet, all of "that" will not be for us to take. The significance of anything in this world you find important will no longer be a factor. "There must be more to it" you say, and you would be right to question my concepts. Perspective is everything.

My talented sisters, I believe that ultimately, what we need to be focusing on is the fulfillment of our deeper purpose. Only you, by fostering awareness, love and knowledge of self, will know exactly what that specific inner drive or purpose may be. "Purpose" is that thing that makes your eyes sparkle, heart beat faster, it breathes life into your very being. That's what I'm talking about. THAT is what we take with us. We take with us the final development and attitude. We owe it to ourselves to expand our minds, skills, talents and gifts. I'll say it again; GIFTS, because that is what they are! They are also our "life tools". THOSE are what we share, pass on, and touch others with. This is what we leave behind long after we leave this earth. What all this leads to is, we must ensure that we spend quality time honing those things which we can leave others, so that it can ripple for eternity.

Yes we do all have that ability and power in various formats. The mind we are given can achieve so much more than we often believe it can! I know you have heard the analogy before, that the body is the vehicle, the mind is the driver. You only have X amount of time on this earth to learn your lessons. So why not do what you can first and foremost for self fulfillment, and leave behind your legacy for others. Ultimately, you owe it to yourself and to all of us to build, grow, use and share those talents. Specifically to my mind, art and music is a universal language that goes on forever. If your passion is literary composition, literature and writing in general can be translated in any language and reach multitudes. The written word is eternal.

WHATEVER your strength, your passion, your heart, your talent may be, use it, share it and get it out there! That is your everlasting calling card, the part of yourself that goes on forever.

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