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LSpencer 'The Real Victims'

Unless you’ve been in a complete medication for the last 48 hours then you have seen the video involving a student and a cop. Just in case you are that Zen, here’s the video.

Let me first start by saying this; on the surface it is horrible! OMG, I can’t imagine anything being more disturbing than this. A classroom of children was subjected to a graphic live and in person physical assault.

This brings me to the point of view I would like to point out for you. Who are the real victims in this terrible incident? The facts are: The child was asked to leave the classroom because of her disruptive behavior during class by a teacher. The child obviously refused and was then asked by the principle. Again, obviously refusing because a cop had to be called into remove her. Watching this film we can clearly see that the child was still refusing to leave the class.

How I see it is, this child was asked/told/threaten (that is arguable) to leave the classroom by the officer. The child wrapped her ankles around the front legs of the desk. The officer raised her arm in effort to lift her out of the chair. (As a trained security profession his technique was off, but I’m not aware of how he was trained to do his job.) Because the child had attempted to lock herself in the desk, he was unable to extract her from it. In effort to pull her up and out, the chair fell over with the child in it. He continued to pull and if we are all somewhat aware of physics, the move resulted in a fling. People are describing these series of events as a ragdoll being thrown.

Okay, again I would say on the surface this looks horrible. However I believe because people are sensitive (and with good reason) because of the unbelievable incidents between cops and African Americans. So, the balance is hard to find. Also the fact that she is a female and a child makes this even tenderer on the heart.

If she was a child why didn’t she behave as such? We’ve all been a student in a classroom, right? What if our teacher asked us to leave class? What if our principle came in and asked us to leave the classroom? And if by chance an officer had to be called in, would you resist in the manner in which this young lady did? What I’m trying to say is she brought this on herself.

“OMG, are you serious?” Yes, I am! Without know what her home-life is like, what she was taught, how she is being raised but I do know she was in the wrong. The officer was wrong for the way he handled the situation but was he supposed to remove her from the class in the desk? He shouldn’t have even been called to handle a situation like that in the first place. The school put him I that position because that child put herself in that position.

I can sit here and place blame, but I won’t. My main concern is for the students who came to class to learn and because one student decided that the lesson that the teacher was giving wasn’t the one she wanted to learn that day, others suffered. They all were subjected to a life lesson being learned the hard way. We have the right to do what we want in life, but something’s reap rewards, some reap help and others reap trouble. She made trouble for herself by being disruptive and not following directions. These are the two main fundamental rules of school. You learn that in Kindergarten. I know it was tragic but it was in full alignment on how life works. Both the student and the cop should be dealt with in the appropriate way. The real victims we need to think about are the students that walked in that classroom wanting to learn. serves as a platform that not only supports women, but also everything that comes with her. We are non bias when it comes to sensitive matters such a religion and sexual orientation. That could also be said about any insensitive matter, as well.

With that being said L.Spencer is a writer (period). Her views or presumed opinions are not at all to reflect the integrity of the website. Her contributions serves as adage to our mission.

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