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Without Question

We want more than anything to succeed. With trial and error we proceed to obtain it. “Subject to change” is the motto of life. It is the one thing that you can be certain of. Certainty is one of our keys to happiness. So knowing that some things depend on the cards you were dealt. If you can play that hand to the fullest it will reap unexpected rewards, without question.

Questions are what separate the knowing from the trying. When one sets out to make strides in a particular part of their life, knowledge is the first thing sought out in achieving it. If you want to be a lawyer then you study law. (I could give some other examples but I’m sure you get my point) The next step is to practice law. That means living the dream. No lawyer starts out Johnny Cochran! They win and lose their way to their title. You have to do whatever it is you are trying to do. Study behind someone that has already achieved what you want to do.

Ask questions! Not everything you do is listed on the college registrar. Some things require books you can’t get at you college book store. Not every successful person went to college. One thing I can guarantee is that they did study. Bill Gates dropped out of college. What he was going after needed the hands on experience.

Be hands on in your achievement! We can read the instructions all day long but until you put that screw to that nut, there is no progress. When in hands on mode, make notes on what is working and what isn’t. This is so important because this forms the questions necessary to push you forward. Who, what, when, where and how come to mind. What is it that worked?

How can I duplicate this success? Why isn’t this working? Where did I miss a step? Who can help me with this?

If you are just beginning try these questions. What are my goals? Where do I see myself in a years’ time? Why am I doing this? (Why answered is the most powerful statement when pushing towards your goals) Who are some people who have already accomplished this? How am I doing? These questions will be the starting point for more questions to come. Questions bring about answers. So be sure to ask them.

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