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Emeka Mbadiwe's short film "OUTLET"

With all this tension in the US pertaining to the #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter discussion, it important to pay attention to what is being said. Both arguments are valid on the surface but misunderstood at its core. I came across this short film that reflects that core. I felt compelled to share it with you. It was very empowering and as we say around here; ‘We are here to empower you’.

Here is a summary of the film entitled “OutLet” by Emeka Mbadiwe.

So the scenes are set in a somewhat interrogation room. Opposing sides sitting face to face like a chess board. The characters are nameless but are clearly identified. Both parties get to have an in-depth and honest discussion about their perspective of one another.

I believe everything they say is true. It was a full circle analysis. Emeka Mbadiwe used a sensitive approach by having each character challenge by an equal. The common ground is what keeps the discussion intelligent and relatable.

The tables turn over and over throughout the whole dialog. Anger is suggested but not in your face. The emotion pulls you into a space of understanding, no matter what side of the table you find yourself sitting on.

The end pulls it all together and lets us know how wrong we are about everything. Regardless of how we are raised or the education we are exposed to.

Please take a moment to digest and reflect on the message conveyed in this 10 minute film.

Blog Post Contributed by LSpencer

Video Donated by Emeka Mbadiwe




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