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Most find themselves attracted to the most unbelievable and disruptive form of information. Information that allows you to pull out the judgment scale and weigh in on some ones misfortune. Not knowing that what you are actually doing is bringing about your own misfortune. Simply, because the scale is yours. What you put into life, you will get out. I believe that this is a better way to look at this glorious life. The LAW of Attraction seems too magical. It’s too hit or miss. I prefer to envision a scale. What I add to that scale either determines my desires and should of, would of, could ofs.

So what is a should have would of could ofs. Well it’s simple. It’s the things you could have done, should have done or could of done. Yes, on a human level we all share these moments. What I proceed to do is not have that part of me present majority of the time. 80% of my time is committed to adding and building. 10% of that time is accessing the knowledge, tools, or skills necessary to build or add. The other 10% is open for would have should have could haves. Let’s face it we are all going to fall short at some point in time. However whenever I miss the mark, I expect to learn from it. Asking myself several questions, learning so that I can do what needs to be done. It’s my cycle for competition.

I am my own competition and I train everyday to outdo myself. My records are personal and achievable because I know what my opponent is cable of. I know what I am made of and I leverage that. Champions have a goal in mind. They train, study their opposer, they envision the win. A clear picture of what you want is cool. But with life you need the feeling of a desire. What you desire will design the plays and strategies need to obtain what you want.

My desires are directly connected to the visions I have for this site and this life. The contributions are the main focal point. So I add to a situation. I build on solid foundations. This is my wording and because I put it in to simple form my brain MUST comply. When I’m asked for help or for my opinion this is the state in which I approach it. ADD & BUILD! If I’m not accomplishing those two things then the would of should of side has won. I’m competitive by nature, we all are. That’s why we find ourselves trying to keep up with (enter last name here). Start keeping up with our desires.

You can try to keep up with an ever changing world or you can change. Changing perceptions is very important! Why not turn the completion to reflex what you’re trying to perfect, yourself!

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