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Use the Pain

Pain is a tight sown thread to our tapestry it’s what adds the fabric of our making. Having a positive attitude in a painful situation can prove to be difficult, to say the least. However a mindset on success will always push past the pain. All you need to do is focus on what you can get out of those feelings.

Challenges come regardless of your make or creed. Take a look at a Monarch Butterfly’s life. It’s takes 2 weeks to hatch. Another 2 weeks consuming and growing. They stop everything to spend another 2 weeks in a Chrysalis-Metamorphosis state. It’s a state of rest and most likely reflecting. We all know how this story ends. I found this to be the best example of the beauty of change.

In most cases, change required some pain. Shit, change comes from pain; exercise to divorce. You lose something attached to you and gain a new. You have to except the pain and decide what you’re going to do with it. Some measures of pain not everyone can take it. However there comes a point when you must say enough. Moving on can only be measured by what you gain from the situation.

People gain habits from getting over painful situations. Some gain negative habits. I once had a relative that had lost everything and became a drug addict. They obtained the habit trying to get over the pain of losing it all. They lost their mind. Never do that! You must keep in mind that this pain will be over and all that matters is what is gained. At the very least, gain a sense of self and what you are cable of getting over. This will prove to be helpful for the next. It’s not the going through that is important but the end result. Pain is uncomfortable and getting through it has been a part of the deal as well.

I’ve compared some extreme circumstances of pain, but it’s all the same. Comparing your lifespan to a butterfly, the reference to exercise to divorce; Pain is defined by the individual. Your adversities and transgression are results of your plot in the story. So when facing it you can contain the bigger picture.

Take a minute to see all that you have been through and have overcome. It took time and effort on your part. Every day you wake up gives you time. Every breath is an effort towards continuing on. So you already have what it takes to get over painful situation. You can’t always be happy with a situation but you can gain joy from the pain.

Blog Contributed by LSpencer

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