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Do you suffer from Narcissism?

Do you suffer from Narcissism?

When it comes to being social in our day and time the Holy Grail is social media. (by the way follow us on twitter @writeher_LS) I know you’re probably wondering what that has to do with that big word in the title. That word is Narcissism which by definition is a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain. “Now wait just one minute!” There is no need to become defensive we are all guilty of it at some level. After all we are asked ‘what’s on your mind?’ all the time.

The social media platform is built on self proclaiming. It’s a way to help others keep up with ‘the Jones’ so to speak. The question is when does a post or tweet become a compulsive reaction to feeling none relevance. You know the post like: Just came from the gym about to hit Olive Garden or the subliminal tweet ‘Really?!? That’s how you feeling?’ How many pictures can a girl take of her behind? It is a real problem when people become so self-absorbed and in this image that they created for social media, that it brings about a dangerous slop of acceptance seeking. Moods change like profile pictures. People delete themselves and show up as someone else. Yes this is a cry for significance. You don’t really have to do anything nowadays you just have to look like you’re doing it. Then BOOM 10,000 views, infinite friends, all types of followers almost instantaneously. Case in point tax time comes and there are millions of pictures posted of stacked, fanned out money tossed over the bed. Look at me I have all this money, like me…I mean my post. Like me, re-tweet me, share me, me me me me me. Your real life can’t be that exciting if your online most of it. So how far fetch is narcissism in this world of social media?


The only ones benefiting on the social media networks are respected industry professionals. They are constantly advertising and promoting on your screen. This is all at the cost of a person’s ability to relentlessly express who they are. Data is then collected through key words ie. #MPowerMint and it is distributed so that you become a consumer.

Take this time to read the post that you have done in the last 30 days. Do You Suffer From Narcissim?

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