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LSpencer write-up on Cola White: Inner Push

Cola White – Inner Push

I recently received a submission for our Word page. The reason I’m writing this up is because I was conflicted. Word is a page that is open to female Artist to showcase their work. All genres even spoken word, all races, only requirement is the song/video has to be a woman. Features are welcome as well. If this is your first time at, be sure to check out our WORD page.

Back to the conflict, press play and you will understand why I’m feeling some type of way. Allow me to walk you through it a little. The title captured my attention especially with the thumbnail they picked. I mean look at her. The title to read Cola “White” – Inner Push; had me intrigued from the door. Inner Push is such a motivation statement within itself.

Okay, I then had motivation to press play. Black Diamonds logo flashes and I’m at ease. We’ve featured other artist off of that brand. The next clip I’m seeing is a monolog given by elementary aged people, in an Eartha Kitt tone, stating “In my former life, I was a dope dealer” Huh? Before I could fully process that, the video resumes and out pops what I’ve been waiting for. Cola White! She started spewing out a repetitive statement in between the shouts of a sample. The beat drops and so does the bars: “I’m a cook this shit till it’s done/ You gonna eat that shit… and say Yum!” I’m like wow, maybe let’s see. Curses spit out of her mouth until she makes a statement about the cursing: “excuse me cola excuse me cola what the fuck you cursing for?” So, I’m like this is so creative! However I’m torn even at the very beginning because she’s speaking about inner city gang lifestyle. She doesn’t fit the part to me. But her performance is so convicting. So, I continued to listen. The beat had me and the composed lyrics were perfectly placed on the track. Then It came out of left field no hesitation “Nigga I can’t be mad” . That one line made me sit back from the lap top and center myself. Had I been pranked? Before I could process the thought of a white rapper being so comfortable with the word, another one! And another one, and another, OMG!!! Yes it was so apparent that this was a part of the show.

Look, just watch the video… I thought this was the best way to stay true to my integrity on all sides.

*All performers are hired actors of BLKDMNDS

As the editor of I have a duty to push females doing empowering things. I am also a black woman with an obligation to uphold a developing legacy. So you can see why this was such a test for me. It’s not word of the week. But it gets the same treatment. Front page, links and show case of the video.

Blog Contributed by LSpencer

Photo Edit by MPowerMint

Video Donated by BLKDMNDS




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