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Seduction (Business or Pleasure)

(Business or Pleasure)

The Art of Seduction

A soothing voice saying all the right things is irresistible. An undeniable kryptonite is what it is. Have you ever heard the saying “it just happened” or “I couldn’t help myself”? Locking in on a specific motive is as natural as breathing to a man or woman. It is what brings about life. Without the persuasive rhetoric it wouldn’t be as fun.

So, maybe you are like I once was and didn’t see the point in having to study seduction because I believed that it served only in relation to bedroom activities. While studying great books such as ‘How to make friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie, I came across Green’s “The Art of Seduction”. Which I later learned served in some way as a back drop for the Art of War. Green’s steps and or lessons were so profound I felt the need to share it with you.

The theme of the book puts in perspective the different techniques in which seduction is used. It describes the unique ways in which seduction is a huge part in how we behave social (personal/business).

There are nine types of seducers outlined in the book that I would like to point out to you. In this post I will put you on to 5 of the nine seducers. Next week I will post Seduction-Part 2, revealing the final 4. This is just a brief description to introduce you to the breakdown Green lays out in his book. I have put it in terms of business. As women it is hard to maneuver amongst men. I feel this book if used in this context can be just as effective if used in the context of sex.

The Dandy

The carefree and more so selfish, seeming type of personality. Self absorbed and carefree towards any thought that doesn’t suite purpose in their world. It begs the attention of anyone who is interested in capturing some, if only for a moment the interest of the Dandy.

Pro: Self serving can be beneficial in meeting goals. Especially, when you are trying to weed out anything and anyone that is stopping you from meeting those goals.

Con: Utilizing this technique for a means of self gain often leads to broken relationships (be it businesses or pleasure).

The Natural

This personality will draw anyone in. Being as though this is the Me too type. The Natural makes you feel at ease and will provoke you in to trying something new. They make it seem as if it was your idea all along.

Pro: Mastering this trait is the confidence needed to push through tough times. This is essential when you are taken out of your comfort zone. It is the ability to adapt that insures leverage.

Con: Not controlling this can expose contradictions in your character. You may forget that you cannot make everyone happy.

The Coquette

This personality type uses the art of confusion to persuade. Being interested in one moment and quickly making a switch to disinterest is their claim to fame. ‘Who’s hot who’s not?’ Unlike the Natural, the Coquette uses contradiction to the fullest. There are like the popular kids in high school that decide what’s cool and what’s not. And we all know how fast fads can change.

Pro: If you can establish a sense of expertise in a relationship, then exploiting it can be lucrative.

Con: If you do not keep yourself informed and constantly seeking out facts, then your word will become a “has been” you claim everything else be.

The Charmer

This personality is pleasing; literally. They aim to please! They want to make sure that you see the benefit of every aspect. They will go out their way to make the small things seem so big.

Pro: This is a great way to make friends and influence people. It brings you to the front of the line when it comes to your competition.

Con: You must learn to think about yourself. It proves to be hard when you are focused on providing the level of benefit you do on consistent bases.

The Charismatic

This personality type is energetic and full of knowledge. They say Knowledge is power than the Charismatic leverages that statement. If done right they can out do all competition without cease. Simply by taking the time to learn about their competition and exploit it. This is the type of person where an insult turns in to a witty joke, in which they are laugh with instead of laughed at.

Pro: Win-Win situation. No one looses. If center of attention is what you want this personality will get it for you.

Con: If ever they stop gaining knowledge this is when their plan will fail.

Tune in next week for the finale four seductive personality types or read Robert Green's "The Art of Seduction" for yourself. Hey! Here's an idea, do both!

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