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After working really hard on several other directions in my life, I come full circle. It feels good to be back,! I know you are probably confused about the title. Well, it wouldn’t be my work if I didn’t twist the title. Let’s get in to it!

A statement can solidify the perception. You should know that perception is everything! (Check out “Preception”)When a thought is adamantly made, the power is sensed on all levels. So much in fact, others will either rally behind you or against you depending on how they perceive what is being communicated to them. You literally form a thought in someone else mind. Depending on how you communicate something to someone. That’s what your power is, igniting a thought and watching it develop in several different ways.

This is why it is super important to speak to yourself; correctly! For those that want to gain more money for instance. They must speak in terms in which anyone with money speaks. Does a person with money talk about money all day? Probably, not. They conduct themselves in ways and through mannerisms that give you that feeling that they might have money. Even still some people you suspect have money in actuality they are broke and vice versa. Those with money are also people wearing the same thing day in and day out. So to mimic someone is dumb. Decide how you would conduct yourself if you had money.

Then declare that you want to keep the money. Then mimic that. That’s the person wearing the same clothes day in & day out. Eating dinner at home and getting meals prepared by a chef. How do you mimic the person getting meals prepared by a chef? Go to your mom or grandmother or aunts house a couple times a week. I’m sure a person with money also has time to spend with their love ones. BOOM 2 for one, with that one!

Thinking outside the box is essential. A playful spirit will take you a long way. The statement is great the vision be as great. You have to see it to believe it in this realm. Realism is a joke played on the unknowing. However those that know more do more. This first starts in the mind, then it becomes a declaration but the outcome comes from the action. Act as if, in whatever capacity that that you can.

& that is why I entitled this write-up ‘StateMint’ because whatever state you find yourself in, is mint to bank. You can only cash out what you put in. Be that work or attention. So, staying focused on this goal of mine and now taking action will be proof that all that I type is right!

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