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Maybe She's Born with it!

The truth doesn’t need any validation, which makes it ruthless. Are you wondering what this has to do with winners & losers? This week’s blog post is about what makes us go after what we want versus putting it off. This is the exact difference between a winner and a loser. I had to address the truth, because whatever you say about yourself becomes truth. Winners are winners in their mind and losers are just that in theirs. I cannot stress that enough!

Let’s get right into it. Winning is a learned trait. Yes no one is born a winner. Successful people of the past have tried to convince people of that for years! Why? So you (regular Raquel) don’t get the mindset of a winner. If you’ve every competed in anything in life, you know as well as I do that it had nothing to do with what you were born with. It was the inspiration, the practice and the confidence that pushed us toward victory. You learn the skills and the necessary state that you need to be in, in order to succeed.

Loosing in a mindset, too! Oh, yea. Now we’re getting into it. If you want a mindset of a loser, just give up. That is the number one factor in losing. If you allow the way you feel to dictate you, then you will lose every time. Words like “I can’t”, “It’s impossible”, “I’ve tried everything” are all statements made by losers!

If you have been following my blog, I’ve been known to speak about the power of words. Words are so important. The moment that language was invented the world was changed. So take that it into consideration before you go about speaking on your situation. Find ways to better communicate with yourself. If you happen to feel like you can’t do something, change your statement to “I can’t do this without a positive mindset. I’ll come back to it later.” Adding a few words to “I can’t” turned into a statement that a winner would make. It’s something you have to practice but when mastered it will become the most powerful tool in your success kit.

You can be truthful but also thoughtful and empathetic as well. Empathy is not a trait reserved for the betterment of others but for our self as well. That is why I started the beginning of this post with presenting Truth. “The Truth will set you free” is such a valid statement. Being honest with yourself makes you a winner. You have to adjust your loser statement and turn them into a winner validation.

Post Contributed by LSpencer

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