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How to be compensated for every risk

Writing a blog takes a certain amount of confidence. It takes boldness to lay your words on the table and watch the chips fly. I am well aware that no one likes to put out, without getting something back. It’s a human right to think that “YOU SHOULD BE COMPENSATED FOR YOUR RISK.”

However, without risk there is no reward. Why do you think high paying jobs require you to intern first? Businesses want to train you and see if in fact you are trainable. Train the trainer is a basic fundamental skill in business. As the saying goes, the best teachers are students themselves. That’s because knowledge is the true currency.

Knowing yourself will pay the way to your dreams. I find that to be the most essential way to get what you want out of life. Figuring out what you want is so moving! Forcing yourself to take a deep look in to your wants and needs is what greatness is made of. If you’re not sure of yourself be sure of your actions. Knowing yourself will make sure that you do the right thing in each moment. More importantly it will ensure that when you fail that you are conscious that it’s a setback and not a failure at all.

What am I saying? I am saying, write as though you have an accolade that precedes the next sentence you are about to type. It may seem as though the thought of doing that, is crushed by the fear of doing it. Know your work. Know what it takes, how long it takes and what you are willing to take (in terms of stress/pressure). Doing might mean failure but at least you did it. Not too many on this earth would attempt to put a pen to the pad (so to speak) and you did.

You have to be prepared for the moment. That takes me back to internship. Interns go through the daily routine without pay. The risk is simple. If they excel in training, then they get a job with the company. Those that don’t take to the training fully, they walk away with more knowledge in which could be used in the next endeavor. Preparation is as constant as it is essential. That’s how you ensure you get compensated no matter what.

You have to redefine the compensation. Money is the root of all evil only if it has planted as seed in your head that it is the ends to all means. Cause it’s not!

Blog Contributed by La Spencer

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