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Money will have you steal, kill, lie, and degrade in order to get it. So being that money is no more than an idea as is the concept of shoes. Then it would seem that we would allow such a hold on us. You see just like the shoe, money is better had than lacking.

In many communities throughout the world, money is only essential where people without the understanding that money is an object and not a basic need. Now, I know most of you are like it is a need. All you need to get what you want is Air, the mind to and another day. That is all that you need to get anything, even money.

Often times, if we pay attention and acknowledge the little things and continue to be thankful for all that we have been through, we would see that all things are provided. Only catch is we get according to our effort. For an example, take a look for a second at the ideal homeless man. The homeless man’s day seems non-survivable for the average person. How long would you survive given those conditions? However the homeless man is there every day just like you. What we fail to realize is that they are provided for, just like you. The only difference being the effort. You don’t eat out of a garbage can because you have founds ways to avoid that. The way many of us avoid that is earning money.

On the other hand there are people surviving on the cost of a 6 pack of beer. However their environment does not put pressure on the measure of money. Their wants are different. All they want are simple necessities. & that’s fine, because enriching your spirit is ultimate wealth. The point of that example was to point out that your environment can change the emphasis of the need for money.

So when someone says to me that “Money is the root of all evil.” I ask how they confirm that. I know that they didn’t make up that saying. I know that they are repeating a saying that has kept people from obtaining everything that they want. The answer always starts with something like “everyone knows this” Or “have you ever heard the saying…”. Hearing and saying is totally different. Saying something like that allows your mind to seek that thought out whenever someone mentions money as a problem. It means you believe it. You say what you believe. You fall back on your belief when speaking about money.

So what do you believe? Money can be used in evil ways & has been used in good ways. Stop giving money a place in your life. It’s a creation just like a pair of your underwear. Needed and obtainable, but it doesn’t dominate your train of thought & neither should money. Start believing that money is obtainable and you can choose how you use it. Most importantly when you obtain it use it for what you believe it should be used for.

Blog Contributed by LSpencer

Photo Donated by Zedge (Mpowermint edit)




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