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It Takes a Vision to Raise a Child

It takes a Vision to raise a child.

Yea I know the saying is “it takes a village to raise a child”, but being as though we no longer live in villages I believe the saying should evolve. You see I work in an area that is being pulled down by poverty & lack. The main lack as I see it is Vision.

Children are the greatest mimickers. They take on so much at such a young age. They are presented with so many examples of reality through the television alone. They rely on those that are around them to teach them right from wrong. They look up to some to the point of destruction some times. A good example is when a Gang comes along. The reason that they are so appealing is because they have vision. It’s a vision on inclusiveness as well as greatness (as defined by their environment).

I’ve watched young kids murdered for senselessness. This is my personal opinion but if their parents had a vision for themselves then those souls could have been saved. I watched a video that went viral; it was a judge speaking to several young people about their choices. One of the most profound things I’ve heard in my life came out of this woman’s mouth “every time someone is killed, we lack what they could have contributed to our world.” I cold heartily believe that. Each person is supplied with divine gifts and some people die with that still inside of them.

If we would provide a vision for our young people then we can save them. The reason people go on living is because they have something to live for. The fact that many of these young people feel like they have nothing to live for is the very reason they make the grave decisions they make.

If the community can’t decide on a vision, then teach the children what vision is. Allow them to pave the future because ultimately it belongs to them.

Listen to this heartfelt message from Judge Verda Colvin. "Stop acting like you're trash!"

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