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Seduction (Business or Pleasure) II

(Business or Pleasure)

The Art of Seduction

There are nine types of seducers outlined in Robert Green's book The Art of Seduction that I would like to point out to you. In this post I will put you on to the last 4 of the nine seducers. Last week I posted Seduction-Part 1, revealing the first 5. This is just a brief description to introduce you to the breakdown Green lays out in his book. I have put it in terms of business. As women it is hard to maneuver amongst men. I feel this book if used in this context can be just as effective if used in the context of sex.

So, maybe you are like I once was and didn’t see the point in having to study seduction because I believed that it served only in relation to bedroom activities. While studying great books such as ‘How to make friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie, I came across Green’s “The Art of Seduction”. Which I later learned served in some way as a back drop for the Art of War. Green’s steps and or lessons were so profound I felt the need to share it with you.

The theme of the book puts in perspective the different techniques in which seduction is used. It describes the unique ways in which seduction is a huge part in how we behave social (personal/business).

The Siren

This personality is a story teller. They can have you trapped inside of their vision that you begin to see it yourself. The illusion that you too are a part of the story helps ensure their following. Anyone would be compelled if not inspired by the words of the Siren.

Pro: You are a visionary. You are a manifest in the flesh. Big picture thinking is your specialty.

Con: Not everyone can do this. It is an art and like any art it should be practiced. Most people with this personality are con artist.

The Feminine Enigma

Mystery is this personality’s greatest tool. They are the ones that have us buy into the secret of this or that. They make things seem so unreachable unless they provide it.

Pro: Everyone wants to gain knowledge. It’s a natural trait. Information will always be up for sale. The more seemingly unattainable you are the higher the price.

Con: People only respect this trait if the ending result is beneficial to them. It’s hard to follow something or someone that you can’t get a handle on.

The Rake

The Rake is always busy. The Rake makes it seem as if moving around is the way to conduct business. Having a million contacts, engagements, endorsements, and exploiting variety.

Pro: You have options. If you are able to keep all of them balances, it will be a ride to remember.

Con: There is no loyalty. Not everyone likes to be one of many. So you have to search out people who are in to that type of personality.

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