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Who Do You Listen To?

Who do you listen to?

As an artist this was the one question that everyone kept asking me. Who influences you? When you deal with music, it’s rather easy to go rambling off at the mouth about all the musical geniuses out there.

However, with the recent transition of my professional focus it occurred to me that I didn't have an influence. Now I know what you’re thinking, there are plenty of people to listen to. Well not exactly you can’t just go to your favorite type of “success” section and pick up the platinum “success” album.

One of my mentor’s in network-marketing says constantly that “success is duplicate-able!” After meditating on that (I use the word meditation because I thought about that one phrase often) It became very clear to me; everything that I had applied in music, I could easily transition that to anything I wanted to master in life.

For example, when I wanted to stretch my voice and make it like an instrument on a record. I not only listened to people who were already doing this in their music, I also mimicked exactly what they were saying and how they were saying it over and over again. This is called practice. This did not make perfect, because practice does not make perfect. Contrary to popular misbelieve “Practice brings about potential” Your potential!

“You never knew you could; until someone asked you if you could.” Depending on your determination and you natural ability, decided if you did it well and that in turn showed if you liked doing it.

So who do you listen to? We as adults look for help in the beginning of trying something new, someone to hold our hand. When we were children, we did it first and looked for praise or correction afterward and if need be that hand would come automatically. If someone saw us attempt something on our own and fail. They in turn came to the rescue and helped us figure it out.

You see successful people still go with that child like gut feeling. They attempt something and most of the time they succeed at it because they have read up on people who has done it before. They don’t allow their friends and family to discourage them. In fact a lot of successful people do things just because someone said that they couldn’t. Remember “Double Dog Dares”!?! It separated the boys from the men, did it not? Now in adult life it separates the regretful from the successful.

Success is something that will continuously be new to all of us. How we keep it fresh and up beat is to listen to the right people. There is a team of people out there called “Dream Stealers”. We DO NOT listen to them. We don’t entertain conversations with them. Regardless if they are your family, your friends or in most cases that little voice in your head, we let them know that our mind is made up with success and that final.

We DO listen to people who are in the position of where we want to be. They have all the information that is needed in order to get there. They’ve done it after all. In most cases they can give us all the short cuts, if in fact a short cut does exist. We listen attentively and we listen with intention to carry out each step as they communicate it to us.

You can do this every day with a team of mentors. Go to your local library, book-store, Google, or any other facilitator of information and research the people who are doing what you want to do. Read up on them. Find books they have written and read what they have to say. I’m sure that you will find that these people have a well of information that you can tap anytime you thirst for the knowledge!

“The person that says they can and the person that’s say they can’t, are both usually right!”-Confucius

Success is a Mind-Set on Success!- #MPOWERMINT

Contributed by L.Spencer

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