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Success Enriched

I recently had an intense conversation with a person that I have tremendous respect for. The conversation was concerning money. In particular it entailed the poor vs the rich. In his opinion, poor people are oppressed and rich people are privileged. I laughed at this concept. I will admit that once upon a time ago I believed the same thing. After researching “rich” people, I found that majority became so despite their adversities. So naturally I disagreed with his ever so popular belief.

Let us define the word rich. Society would define it by the amount of money a person has. However rich people are not only abundant in the bank but also in regards to their well being. Webster defines it as: of great value or worth. So you see being enriched is a major attribute in obtaining ultimate wealth.

There is good and bad in everything. So why when it comes to money, it only has an evil? People get hung up on the miss conception that “Money is the root of all evil”. On the contrary “The love of money is the root of all evil”. If the intention of your motives is solely to gain a pay off, then I believe you are a participant of iniquity. On the other hand, there are people who have gained a substantial amount of money in direct relation to their service to the advancement of society.

Please understand that there is nothing you can do in life that would equal a “Get rich” scheme. Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING requires an effort and ideally a risk. From the drug dealer and the prostitute, to the banker and the ceo; the only difference is their state of mind.

Rich is a state of mind and rightfully so poor is too.

People come up with an idea of how the world works and run with it. In example: Poor people complain. While the so called “Rich” contributes. Their contribution to a void, service, or need, enables them to be positioned in the right place at the right time. Before the rich became rich they were poor people in search of how to make a difference.

This is the reason for my blog and why I entitled it “MPowerMint”. Not everyone will become a millionaire but that does not mean that you can’t become rich! So enrich your thought process! Educate yourself on the information that can take you from the poor house to the owner; from the consumer to the supplier.

Until next time chew on this: A horse is chained up to a tree by his neck for several years. Day in day out. In the beginning the horse tries with his entire mite to run and free himself from the bind. To no avail and with much discomfort. After years of pain and frustration the horse eventually settles into his predicament. One day the horse is unchained. At no cost to move on, the horse just continues to stand there.

Contributed by: L.Spencer

Photo Donation: Zedge




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