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If life's a B!tch, then money's a Tool!

Come on Big money Big money…

It hardly surprises me that people when going after success usually have this perception of a jeweled out limousine riding stacks of money having fantasy. It is also not surprising that some of the most successful and wealthy people you couldn’t pick out of a grocery store.

First and foremost money is a tool not a god. You have far more power over money than it has over you! You DECIDE when it comes and when it stays. You can think of ways to use it and how to share it. How is it that with all this power over money we fail to treat it the way it deserves? Instead we love it, give it pet names and even steal it from our own. Humans have a tendency to stake and make claim. You can’t for the most part stake a claim on money. It belongs to no one because it is meant to be shared and passed.

Before there was money there was little disk that were passed around. Money only became sexy when it came in the form of gold or some other shiny metal. Now there is art work and pictures on it. It even comes in a variety of colors. So again it doesn’t surprise me why everyone is attracted to it. It does dress-up nice. However the principle of it remains the same. It is a tool in which to get you what you desire. It can make and change situations.

This is what I want to express with this post. You have to chase the desire and the situations that money could afford you. Things like time with family, a secure household, generational wealth, living a worldly life. Whatever puts your mind at ease and your heart at rest. I say that with PURPOSE! Because some people get money, use it to try and buy that type of feeling. They are not focusing on what makes them happy.

This is what you want to pursue when trying to get AHEAD. Making something that looks hard look easy, you’ve done your best. Making something that looks easy look hard, you’ve done something wrong. Try this with money. If you have a total income that is able to cover all your bills (only the bare essentials) and you have more month than money at the end of it you are doing something wrong. Money can fix that, just so you know. Find a more efficient way to earn it. Something you like to do. Or you can seek something in which to add to what you have so that you can branch out of the bare essentials. You can’t budget it unless it’s in

These are just some things to THINK about when pursuing ‘big money’. Remember these two things as you venture out into your destiny this week. Money is a tool and Success is a Mindset!

Post Contributed by: L.Spencer

Photo Donated: Unknown




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