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The Golden Mindset...Know what it is!

When one thinks about what the desires of the heart are, it is usually clothed in gold and platinum. However when one really gets what the heart desires, the actual gold and silver doesn’t outweigh the feeling one receives. Why is it so important to reach a pinnacle only to have it fade away like the time among us? The real target is time, real moments. Each and every day you create moments in our life. You begin and you end. Life can be chapters in a book. Not all are good but are necessary plots for the ending. Which is where, everything seems to tie itself together. The victory is always more intense then the pain. The pain helps to warm you heart up to sustaining the infectious feeling you feel when you seen the pain overcome.

Chase the feeling of victory, ladies and gentlemen. Oh what a feeling. Think back to a very hectic point in your life. “Think back” is the key words in that sentence, because at some point in your life you have overcome something. Look at you, you’re here reading this, right now. Did you not have access to the internet, let alone a computer at some point? Did you have all that but no electricity? How about having all that and having it snatch away by some timely event? So don’t say that you can’t think of anything. If life is good you’ve had victories. If life is bad you’ve had victories. It just so happens to be that you have another one on the way. Don’t we all have another victory on the way? You cannot write the script but you must play the part. In fact you get to pick the part. Choose to be the victor in this matter. More speaking parts then let’s say, the victim.

You have the goal (desires), the mindset (victor) now all you need is the ‘knowhow’. It’s as simple as 1+1. You have the two things that will solve any problem. Goal and mindset. Remember your goals while you’re out in public. Remember them when you’re home just chilling. If you had what you wanted right now what would you be doing? Bet that it won’t be ‘nothing’. You will be doing what got you where you are. If you had all that you desired you’d probably want more of it or something greater than it. You already have the means to achieve it but you must sustain it to go further with life. Surely life isn’t over because we all know the ending is in a casket. So the mere fact that you are here and desire is because you’ve got something to do!

I hope this post encouraged you to do that! If writing is a desire of yours, email me I’d love to help you do it!

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