I recommend that you check our's Classifies page as a good place to start getting paid for words. I put it here with the intention of being fully helpful. I want you to have what you want now! Unfortunately, many of you won’t take advantage of that. Others will try but realize without a published portfolio they will be unable to capitalize on the recommendation.

Doing has to be the hardest part of getting started. You want it now but haven’t done anything in preparation for it. I hope I don’t have to go into the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. You pray, asked, or wished for this, but you failed to plan. “Fail to plan, plan to fail” It’s that simple. If you are truly a writer, then write. Russell Simmons told me that personally. I went to a book signing and when he autographed my auto CD, I asked what I had to do to get in to writing. He simply said “write”. I wrote my ABC’s over and over again to improve my ‘writing’. (By the way I get compliments on my writing all the time). Start from square one, if you have to. If you’re past that, start writing short stories, or opinionated articles. If you’re past that, then start with the first couple of words in your book.


Be child like with your doing. A child will try something just because they saw someone else do it. Especially if the person seemed to be enjoying doing it; even more so if the child liked the other person. The same is obvious of a person who has spent time working on playing the piano. Stevie Wonder for instance. A blind man can do what a man with sight won’t. If you don’t know what to do, look at someone that you admire. From the common man to a superstar, what is it that you admire in that person?

More importantly what are they doing that you want to achieve? Start there and do that. The only part you can do at that point in time in your life. The simplest thing as borrowing a book from the library that someone you respect has read. That’s how to stop the saying getting started is the hardest part.

Blog Contribution: LSpencer

Photo Donation: Zedge