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L.Spencer's Civil Unrest serves as a platform that not only supports women, but also everything that comes with her. We are non bias when it comes to sensitive matters such a religion and sexual orientation. That could also be said about any insensitive matter, as well.

With that being said L.Spencer is a writer (period). Her views or presumed opinions are not at all to reflect the integrity of the website. Her contributions serves as adage to our mission.

I’m on the internet like everyone else. Reading is one of unique traits as being human being goes. Rather than gather a large amount of facts and reenactments of the obvious heinous event. I would much rather ask that you join me in a discussion.

Exhibit A: Slavery- As legend has it (I say legend because documentation during the 100’s of years of slavery was number bases if it even exist.) the best take over Ever! You take over a continent, ie America. Annihilate or alienate the population. Then you bring your own cattle, ie. Africans & set up shop.

Exhibit B: Civil rights- On the record you shot & killed Dr. Martin Luther King. Not to mention the Dogs, Hoses, Lynching and segregation.

Both periods included murder, rape, mental abuse, terrorism, human trafficking, and countless other immoral tactics. In 2015 why are these tactics still implemented? Is the oppressor or the oppresses that keep this vicious cycle?

If I were asked over the dinner table that very question. Without question I would say, the oppresses. With all due respect, we are aware of what the oppressor is willing to do in order to maintain their position. However, you are what you think. There are people in positions of power who thought otherwise. They have caused a threat to the order of things. Therefore the oppressors deploy mayhem amongst the weak. Doing two things, keeping those that are misinformed that way and Turning the misinformed against the more informed individual.

This is why I write articles that help everyone take control of their knowledge intake. Choose your words wisely. Don’t sit there and complain DO something. Who do you listen to? Remember money is a tool. I believe these are needed in order to overcome any type of inherited brainwash. We are great every one of us. I wanted to remind you of how far my people have come & enlighten them on the steps to go further. (My people being defined as anyone suffering the same pushback, I’ve received or maybe receiving.)

Contributed by LSpencer

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