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Who's that lady?: Bre Z

If you an avid watcher of Empire like i am and have been an up & coming female rapper (once upon time), then you probally paid more attention to this young lady as I did. I fell out of the storyline when her scene came on. I wondered what talent they were going to find when they left off last season with a Twitter submission for talent. There it was! They pushed a female rapper with the essence of the greats. At first glance they was an Mc Lyte type of vibe, when she opened her mouth it was Queen Latifah, but the flow reminded you of a slick talking little Kim. (Great job by the writers of Empire)

I raced to the internet to find out if this was a legitamit dimond in the rough. This was no easy task. It's not like you can type in "Female Rapper on Empire Season 2" or " The actress that played Frank Gather's daughter". Trust me I tried. It was not a very easy task to this young lady.' A picture is worth a thousand word' deemed to be true, because as soon as i applied this to Google images....BOOM!

Bre Z Babii

This lady is a Philly native who got her rapper-cherry popped in Deleware. Suprisingly she is a barber to the stars! Now adding actress to that resume with her debute roll on Empire!

Here is a interview she did with

Want to know what Bre Z Babii music sounds like? Check out our WORD page, she's our featured artist of the week!

So there you have it! This is truely a testiment to the power of Empire. We here at are hoping to see Bre Z in some more episodes!

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