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Catching up!

Catching up!

We find ourselves not being the juggler we set out to be when we joined this circus of life. It felt so much easier when we were young. That’s because we had our own personal assistance, mom, dad, grandma whoever took an interest in your development as an adolescent. Now that you are out here calling the shots you find it hard to keep up with everything all the time.

Am I saying that you should go and get a personal assistant? Well, yes and No. If that will help you in the long run I say make the investment. However, you could make the investment in yourself. Often people and business experts tell you to find someone who will hold you accountable and this will help you to meet your goal. But, what about the person who doesn’t like to be told what to do? Is that not the reason people become entrepreneurs? Is that not the reason we are called individuals? I shouldn’t have to be told what to do in order for me to meet MY goal.

Our beliefs and our why are the only assistances needed. If you truly believe that you can succeed, you will. When you fall behind these will be the nagging voice in your head. When you fall asleep at the wheel this will be the Alarm clock you can’t put on snooze.

Cool, now that we’ve got that out of the way. You know what your goal is and you need to know how to get it. Everything that is achieved took steps. Take the first step. Even if you’ve stopped to take a breath on the way up, got tripped up on some setback; you’re gonna have to take the first step.

On a more personal note, I lacked in my responsibility of this site. I am taking the first step and doing it in a big way. My site timeout in updates for 12 weeks! In order for me to take the first step, mentally I believe that I have 12 to catch up on. Therefore I am posting all 12 I missed on my first step moving forward. This serves a Minnie goal I can achieve. I can write 12 blog posts. Once I achieve that I will want to post. Feedback and momentum from that will allow me to get right on track.

I do realize the first step is hard sometimes. However the true first step is identifying why and remembering what you believe in. Check in with your personal assistant to find out what needs to be done, and take the next steps one at a time.

Blog Contributed by LSpencer

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