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Pro or Con

If at all possible; I ask that you take two or three minutes to read this post. It took me quite some time to write it, allow me to explain. I recently put myself in a position of having to choose who to save. You know that feeling, you’re hanging off the side of a cliff and you can only save one son. Confused? Well, it’s simple.

I couldn’t find the time to run a blog site and also excel in a project that I had previously committed to. Oh, it was awful. I was so torn between too very important areas of my career. Ironically, I was so sure of what needed to be done at the same time. Long story short I pushed my site to the side and put 100% effort into the other project.

The Pro’s

The project was lucrative.

Guaranteed advancement within the organization

The project was resume worthy

I would gain satisfaction through the act of serving children

The Con’s

Bring the momentum of my site to a halt

Loose followers from site and social media

Talked about negatively by critics

Putting a dream on hold

The Pro’s are just that, Pros: professionals. They know just how to approach you and they sell themselves with ease. It’s pleasant to the ear, however may lead to an unpleasant in the end. The Pro’s are just as much as a 50/50 chance as a Con.

The Con’s are just as it sounds as well, Cons: con-artist. They will fool you into believing the situation is inevitable in the end and you have no control. Don’t let that miss lead you either, you still have a 50% chance.

Ultimately you must calculate your risk. Shit, you might be at the point that you need to take a risk! What I’m trying to convey in this post is that you can’t let anything hold you back. Procrastinating would only leave you with nothing done. No venture; no gain as they say. In tough decision making circumstances, it brings about the sense of not knowing what to do. However, not doing something now often leads to having a hard time facing it when it comes to a head. You want to make a situation tougher, may I suggest not doing it.

Weigh your options, but doing the right thing for you is the goal. Keep in mind everything on this earth is evolving and that includes you. You want to put 100% in to your happiness, even if that means being uncomfortable. Endure the pain for the gain. Even if it means taking the easy route, then don’t be ashamed of taking care of what you can control.

Three, months later I have accomplished what I set out to do with the project. I took my entire list of Con’s and I turned them into my new Pro’s. That is how you implement the follow through. Once I had chosen the task I felt I could control. I put 100% into that project. Now that the project is complete, it’s like what can I do? Well I took my list of Pros and Cons and I worked on repairing that. Again I feel extremely passionate about both areas of my career. It would behoove me not to continue to push towards my success with this site. So here I am with a new set of Pro’s and Con’s. And in the end I will be faced with “what’s next?” and that the Pro’s and the Con’s.

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