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Want to, too!

A person wants what a person wants. It doesn’t matter the circumstances, there’s always more. The poor want more. The rich want more. We exist in a world where there is nothing but possibilities. Why don’t we all feel that way? I mean we know. How can we not? Look at all that has been done, invented, discovered ect. That’s because someone “wanted to”. Not the wanting of something. Quite the contrary, it’s the “wanting to”. Basically, “wanting to” is the strongest way to do something.

Harriet Tubman wanted to free slaves. So she figured out how to free slaves and subsequently found out why it is difficult to free a slave. It’s summed up at the end of her famous quote “I would have freed 100 more if they knew they were slaves.”

“Wanting to” holds so much power. You don’t want to go to work on a Monday morning, but the wanting to be able to sleep in that bed and under that roof for another night is much stronger. Come on, you see it. Now apply that same wanting to, to the desires that you have for life. It is not beyond our control. The only thing that you may presume a threat is time. However, you have control over that as well. Ignore the amount time you assume it will take. Truthfully you don’t know. You have an idea, but really you don’t know. You don’t know how long it will take you unless you follow through and Do. Right now, at the very least you are controlling the time it takes you to get started. You have that much power, put it to use.

Want to! I know that you can! We all can. Big or small you define that. The fact that you really wanted to is the main factor and might I add evident. A person, who really wants to, does it. I can show you a person who really wanted to and a person who really didn’t, in any room. You can tell what a person wants by what that person does. Not everyone will want to do what you want to. That’s okay! Want to anyway. You are in control of what you do. I wrote this in hopes to help you do just that.

Use what you have now to get receive more. Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Don’t lose your mind! I’m not going to get all unicorns and rainbows on you. I want you to put yourself in the position to receive the person or opportunity to achieve you ambitions. I know that if I’m looking for a definition I have to be in the dictionary. That may have been a little elementary but isn’t it all elementary my dear.

Blog Contributed by LSpencer

Photo Donated by Zedge (MPowerMint edit)




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