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Excuse Me, were you saying something?

I’m talking to myself in this post. I think the most cleansing thing you can do especially with the New Year coming is to have a serious conversation with yourself. I’ve been doing this so long that my talks are encouraging and critical.

The practice of talking to my self came about when I decided that I wanted to up my NO Game. I’ll write a post about that in the near future, but for the sake of this post I will just summarize what it is. Upping your No Game is practicing different ways to say no in the mirror until you are as comfortable saying No as, hello. So I felt so silly staring at myself in a mirror and tell myself NO. But I am consistent and like to see things through (for the sake of speaking about it intelligently later). Knowing something is always better than assuming. Facts and documentation beat conversation all the time. This exercise not only got me comfortable with saying no but it also transformed the way I communicated with myself. This post is about finding your inner voice. Talking to yourself may come off as crazy, but trust me you do it all the time.

When businesses are trying to evolve they have a meeting with all their “heads” and run through strategies. You have to do the same with yourself. That’s the true definition of “Minding your Business.” You have the final say in what direction you go in. It’s that free will thing that we all were born with. However if you are not in constant communication with yourself, unknowingly you could be pulled in the opposite direction than your desire.

Don’t get me wrong, controlling and maintaining focus can be a challenge. With all the advertisements, social media, and the constant in your face information, focus is hard. What I’m trying to tell you is, the ability to communicate with yourself openly and lovingly will help you to push past the noise. Advertisements are designed to occupy the driving source of thought in your brain. Ever listen to a song one time and it was so catchy you ended up singing it all day? Yes it’s happen to all of us. When you are speaking to yourself and constantly in check with what you are thinking about; you can defeat the beast.

Hold yourself accountable. Be in constant check with yourself. Make a list. Check it twice! Nothing no one has ever said to you is true, unless you say it is. Your past doesn’t equal your future. You can say something today and think of it as comedy 5 years from now. However it was so true in that moment; wasn’t it? So in this moment, say “I love me” & “everyday and every way I’m getting better” . So you can save yourself the time of repeating that old you over and over again. Watch your life transform. “Nah ah, they can’t tell me nothing!”

Post Contribution by LSpencer

Photo Donation by Zedge




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